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 Kitchens Kitchens
In the kitchen, stone is widely used for countertops, which, thanks to the monumental appearance, give the interior a more noble and elegant look. Due to the wide range of both colors and textured solutions, the stone in the interior of the kitchen has found wide application: kitchen apron; furniture surface; walls; open. It is becoming increasingly popular due to its resistance to damage and easy maintenance. This is especially important for the kitchen, where surfaces are often dirty during cooking.
 Bathroom Bathroom
The walls in the bathroom could acquire a very attractive look, thanks to the huge selection of materials available for their cladding. The most important thing when choosing a material, of course, is its moisture resistance, as well as strength, vision, price. Natural stone gives harmony, style and sophistication to the bathroom. In addition, with it the room acquires a unique look, because in nature no two stones are the same. The stone-lined bathrooms look luxurious and beautiful.
 Steps and flooring Steps and flooring
The aesthetic atmosphere of the stone staircase makes it possible to emphasize the necessary elements in the interior, designed in different styles, including classic. Huge variety of color shades for natural and artificial material. You can take the tone as close as possible to the flooring. The surface of natural stone has a unique pattern that is not repeated on the material, even if the rocks are mined in one deposit.
 Fireplaces Fireplaces
Natural stone fireplace mantels are beautiful and stylish, and the comfort and coziness they give to the home is irreplaceable. The use of natural stones for your fireplace will add a magical touch, creating luxury during the cold winter nights. Depending on the decor and style of your home, we offer different colors, sizes and finishes for your fireplace.
 Hotel Hotel "Villa Chinka"
Hotel Villa Chinka is located in the resort of St. St. Constantine and Helena. The combination of the selected amenities in the complex for a luxurious holiday in luxurious apartments, restaurant, private pool and Lounge Bar are created from our beautiful natural stone. Every nook and cranny has been worked out to the last detail to create this incredible luxury hotel.

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